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Your Visit Starts Here — short documentary, 2015

Questioning the permanent proximity to the works of art, the documentary depicts the intertwined portraits of three museum guards of Centre Pompidou in Paris. 

While an average visitor spends around 4 minutes in front of a Picasso, a museum guard stands close to the same artwork all day long. Most of the time, these people remain invisible, living in the shadow of a masterpiece.  But who are they? What do they dream about when sitting on their black chair?

Your Visit Starts Here (Centre Pompidou 2015, directed by Alina Manolache) — Clip “Conditions for reflection”

Cast & Crew

Cast: Éric Lombard, Stéphanie Loison, Jean-Marc Savall

Director: Alina Manolache

Producers: Alina Manolache, Anita Drăghici

Director of photography: Diana Vidrașcu

Editor: Gabi Basalici

Grading: Mircea Crivoi

Sound design: Dan-Ștefan Rucăreanu, Delia Oniga, Ciprian Cimpoi

Commissioned by the Romanian Cultural Institute in Paris

With the support of Centre Pompidou