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I AM HERE — short documentary, 2020

I AM HERE is a visual poem that has the value of a manifesto, a declaration of love composed out of messages spoken in a plurality of voices and languages, out of casual human gestures that briefly appear on screen, of the gentle breeze that we can feel even if it cannot reach us.


Alina Manolache’s mesmerising ‘I Am Here’, features relationships by their absence: the social vacuum on display in CCTV footage from the Trevi Fountain, Chinese pharmacies, a British golf course and other depopulated locations around the world.


This is the work of an artist attuned to the rhythms of both technology and society in searching for the “here” referenced in the title that is in a constant state of relocation.

greg de cuir jr.

Festivals: Bucharest International Experimental Film Festival 2020, European Film Festival 2020, Alternative Film / Video 2021, Balkan can Kino 2021, In Short Europe 2022, Short Waves 2022

The film is also part of the omnibus ‘Journey Around the Home in 60 Days’, premiered at Jihlava IFF 2020 and nominated for the best film in the Between the Seas Competition.