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2020: A Covid Space Odyssey — short film

An evocative meditation on isolation and human fragility.

The Guardian

A double bill of ”2020: A COVID Space Odyssey” and  ”The Midnight Sky” (by George Clooney) might be an appropriate finale for the year.


Trailer ”2020: A Covid Space Odyssey” — a documentary by Alina Manolache and Vladimir Potop for The Guardian

Festivals and exhibitions

The Guardian, Online Premiere

AEON, Now Streaming, Online exhibition

GoEast, Germany, Official Selection

Melbourne Documentary Film Festival, Australia, Main Competition

Bucharest International Experimental Film Festival, Romania, Main Competition

Nectar from Another Planet, Poland, Official Selection

Cast & Crew

Cast: Jessica Meir, Andrew Morgan, Oleg Skripochka, Christina Koch 

Directors / Producers: Alina Manolache, Vladimir Potop

Executive producers from The Guardian: Lindsay Poulton, Jess Gormley

Music: Lamin Fofana